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Esteu aquí: Inici News The Urban Planning Commission, the first to be held by video conference at the Lleida City Council

The Urban Planning Commission, the first to be held by video conference at the Lleida City Council


The first Deputy Mayor, Toni Postius, chaired the session, which was held entirely by means of computer tools and with the participation of 19 people. A proposal has been submitted for the plenary of the corporation to initially approve a modification of the urban planning to facilitate the construction of new homes in the sector of Companyia and Gairoles streets, in the Historical Center

 The Informative Commission on Urban and Mobility Management Policies was today the first to be held electronically, by means of a video conference, in the City Council of Lleida, as a result of the prevention measures implemented to tackle the epidemic of Covid-19. The first Deputy Mayor, Toni Postius, has chaired the commission since the Town Planning Department's office and has been able to communicate and dispatch matters to be dealt with with other members of the commission using computer tools. The meeting was attended by 19 people and took place over an hour and a half, without technical issues.

It is foreseen that the remaining commissions that are indispensable will also be held through this channel, including the Governing Body.

During today's commission it has been reported a timely modification of the urban planning in the Historical Center, in order to facilitate the construction of new homes. Specifically, the qualification of part of the island between the Companyia and Gairoles streets is changed and a polygon of urban development (UA 100) is delimited, with an area of ​​1,199.96 m².

This area corresponds to the buildings and plots located on Company street 16, 18, 20-22, 24, 26 and 26bis, on those located on Gairoles street 19, 21, 23-25, 27, 29, and 31-39, thus like a surplus of public roads. Its owners are 7 individuals, the Municipal Planning Company and the City Council of Lleida. 

The urban development action is supposed to maintain the basic parameters of the urban development use, but at the same time loosening the building conditions and, at the same time, determining the development of unit projects, with a sufficient size that guarantees the construction of new homes, premises for activities economic and parking for the residents. This is done with conditions and typologies that facilitate the regeneration of the social and urban fabric.

The total roof of this area will be 3,338.65 m², where it is estimated that 33 homes can be built, although no density of building is established. The minimum plot will be 600 m² and the system of urban development will be set up with co-operation.

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