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The Paeria presents 14 actions to be included in the Bank of Good Practices


The initiative of the Federation of Municipalities and the Carles Pi i Sunyer Foundation aims to compile an informative catalog on the most outstanding actions of Catalan municipalities in their government action

Lleida City Council has submitted 14 proposals to be included in the Good Practices Bank (BBP), an initiative promoted by the Federation of Municipalities of Catalonia (FMC) and the Carles Pi i Sunyer Foundation for regional and local studies, and which The aim is to compile an informative catalog on the most outstanding actions of the Catalan municipalities in one of the 22 chosen categories, ranging from the social and economic field to the cultural and educational, through participation and good government.

The 14 proposals presented by the Paeria fall into 9 of these 22 categories.
In the field of New Technologies, the Digital Support Point and the ICT Pills for public workers have been selected. In terms of education, the actions chosen are the Point for Equity, Building Safe Spaces in Education, Working on Transversal Skills through Leisure Activities and the “Letters for Me” Literacy Group. In the Culture category, the proposal presented is Encaixa’t; while in the area of ​​Housing, the Empadrona’t Project has been chosen. Within the area of ​​Social Inclusion, two proposals have been chosen: OAC360 social and SIS 0-3 ‘Lo Marraco’. Another of the initiatives to be included in the Bank of Good Practices has been the Public Procurement Fair, which this week has successfully held its second edition. The last three actions that the Paeria has proposed to the BBP are the Virtual Game of the SDGs, in the field of Institutional Relations; Luca's Wig, in the Equality and Gender category, and the Buchenwald-Mauthausen Project, in the Coexistence area.
From now on, the experiences presented will be evaluated according to the criteria established by the BBP, taking into account in particular that they are innovative practices, that they have been effectively implemented, that they are well-founded and that they have had some kind of evaluation.
All the proposals collected that meet the quality criteria will be published (www.bbp.cat) and disseminated through different media.
Last year, the Bank of Good Practices dedicated a special edition to the Covid-19, which included the Transversal Table for the Recovery of the City, a successful initiative of the Participatory Municipal Action Plan of the Paeria , which included more than 40 representatives of social and economic agents, trade unions and agricultural organizations, neighborhood associations and the associative fabric, as well as academic, educational and health personnel.
The Transversal Table will discuss and finalize nearly 500 contributions from different participants with the goal of helping to reverse the effects caused by the coronavirus pandemic. These proposals are in line with the 4 axes of the WFP, which also adopts the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Urban Agenda.
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