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Esteu aquí: Inici News The Paeria is at the forefront of digital government in the fight against Covid-19 measures

The Paeria is at the forefront of digital government in the fight against Covid-19 measures


Up to 1,600 employees can work online and governing bodies meet remotely and fully, with the help of computer tools that have been mobilized

 The deployment implemented by the Lleida City Council to deal with the restrictions arising from the confinement of the Covid-19 epidemic has made a significant leap forward in the digitalization measures of the technical and administrative tasks, which place the Paeria at the forefront of public administrations in this field.

The corporation's nearly 1,600 employees can now work remotely through the implementation of the virtual desk for administrative staff, with access to corporate email and other collaborative tools from the internet. The virtual desktop allows you to use a web browser from the users' personal computers so that they can access all the applications and units of the internal network of the Paeria that regularly go to their face-to-face workplaces. To strengthen communications and data security, two-factor authentication has been implemented throughout the Corporation

In this case, Microsoft's Windows Virtual Desktop tool is used and its deployment was quick, as it started working with the company earlier this month to foresee the crisis and because Paeria's business continuity and contingency plan has been working with this technology for years now and it has the infrastructure spread over 72 cloud servers.

Another important point, taking into account the closure of offices and citizen service points, has been the diverting of telephone attention to mobile phones. Within 24 hours all the Paeria switchboards were diverted to mobile terminals in order to continue to provide the maximum service to the citizenry.

Collegiate bodies are also operating remotely through video conferencing tools, in particular Microsoft Teams. In this way, commissions and spokesman boards, among others, can continue to meet with full guarantees. The Local Government Board and the Board of Directors of the Municipal Urban Planning Company have done it today. The system allows to record and record the debate in a virtual way, including even people from outside the organization, such as the representatives of the FAV, who are part of the commissions.

Reinforcement of communication

From the point of view of internal communication, a specific Paeria Human Resources channel has been created to inform employees of the device's news, as well as videos, tutorials, tips and daily queries. Employees were also surveyed for ideas and suggestions, which were very well received by all.

With regard to external communication, in addition to the usual channels, we have chosen to promote La Paeria's YouTube channel, where a first live broadcast of the paer-in-chief, Miquel Pueyo, has been made. and the Telegram, where the public channel "La Paeria explica" has been enabled to improve direct information to citizens. Other developments are also working.


Another important bet to address the repercussions of this health alert has been the implementation of the Lleida Solidarity Network. In less than 24 hours, new web procedures, an email and a telephone for citizenship were added, which, together with the task of managing the technical teams of the City Council, have allowed this service to be already institutionalized. , connecting the volunteers with the people who need some help, with full guarantees for all of them.

Digital cultural and educational resources

In the areas of Culture and Education, efforts are also being made to provide content of leisure, cultural and educational interest to the people who are confined during these days in their homes. For example, municipal play libraries have made their families' online resources available, and cultural facilities and festivals are betting on social media to disseminate their funds, activities and prescriptions digitally.

All the information on the follow-up of the epidemic in Lleida City Council is unified at this link https://www.paeria.cat/cat/ajuntament/covid-19/.

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