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The Paeria is advancing in the digital transformation during 2021


The Empadrona’t, the first Digital Support Point, the 1st Public Procurement Fair, the telephone assistance for electronic procedures and the OAC360º, among others, have been launched. The Paeria has received various awards for its work in advancing e-government, including that of the Open Administration of Catalonia.

Lleida City Council has expanded its digital transformation projects in 2021 with the aim of facilitating the interaction of citizens with the municipal government.

An example of this is the 10,000 attendances received at the new OAC360º Social, the issuance of 14,796 census certificates through the Empadrona’t and the telephone service to assist with the electronic processing that has just been launched.
The Empadrona’t program allows you to carry out all the formalities to register or change your address, electronically and to issue these certificates automatically. "This is a very important step forward in the administration's rapid response to one of the most demanded procedures by the public," said Deputy Mayor and Councilor for the Presidency, Jordina Freixanet.
L'Empadrona't has been a finalist in the CNIS (National Congress of Innovation and Public Services) awards and was selected to present it at the Digital Government Congress of Catalonia. From 1 January to 23 December , 7,384 applications related to the register have been submitted electronically and 14,796 certificates have been issued automatically.
Telephone assistance for electronic procedures
Lleida City Council has just launched a telephone assistance service for electronic processing. The aim of this initiative is to help citizens carry out online procedures.
This is a comprehensive support service in the transition to electronic processing to help install a digital certificate, to initiate an 'online' procedure or to resolve doubts or possible incidents in electronic processing.
The telephone number is 973 93 02 47 and is open from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 8 pm.
Digital hotspots
Among the tasks promoted by the Department of Open Government and Democratic and Institutional Quality is the opening of a Digital Attention Point to support and help people who have difficulty carrying out procedures digitally with the administration. The first of these points has been installed in the Civic Center of Balàfia and the plan is to extend it to the other districts of the city.
On the other hand, the city has improved the free Wi-Fi service to the public with the extension of wifi4eu points, which have gone from 18 to 21. This initiative is the result of an agreement between Paeria and the European Union.
10,000 care through the OAC360º Social
Another of the digital projects selected as an example of good practice at the Digital Government Congress has been the new social welfare helpline, the OAC360º Social to speed up care for people who require municipal services.
This new line has just reached 10,000 attention. The rating of the users of the service is 4.62 out of 5.

Recognition of the Open Administration of Catalonia
This year, Lleida City Council has received recognition from the Open Administration of Catalonia for its work in promoting and implementing e-government. The Paeria reached the second position in the category of municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants.
It is worth mentioning that, through tramits.paeria.cat, 67,926 applications have been submitted electronically this year.
Other projects organized by the Paeria in the field of administration in 2021 have been the participation in the 5G Area of ​​Ponent - Lleida ON, the Mobile Week and the 1st Public Procurement Fair, held in virtual format, with the aim to promote sustainable, transparent and accessible public procurement.
The work of the Department of Open Government, Democratic and Institutional Quality has a cross-cutting scope with the implementation of new technologies in aspects such as the purchase and reservation of tickets to municipal swimming pools through an APP, the launch of Civicar and the joint work with the Town Planning Department and the Guardia Urbana on aspects of video surveillance.
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