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The new Lleida Agenda is born, with the Sharify app


Lleida, with the help of the entrepreneur Gemma Prenafeta, is the first city where a new app comes into operation that shows all the cultural, sports and leisure proposals on the map

Lleida launches a new model of the city's agenda through the Sharify app, driven by the young entrepreneur from Lleida, Gemma Prenafeta.
The application allows you to consult on the Lleida map recreational, leisure, cultural or sports activities, among others, that take place in the city. Likewise, any entity or person can introduce new proposals that are open to participation. Sharify makes it possible for users to also be part of the agenda of each neighborhood, as they can collaborate, sign up and communicate with other attendees.
What happens to the city now?
The young Lleida company Sharify is the first technological startup to implement real-time data through a map to get the user to find an immediate answer to the question "what happens now in the city".
The mayor Felix Larrosa has presided over the presentation of this agenda application that has the support of the City of Lleida. The app was made possible thanks to the support of investors Carlos Giribet and David Mansa, who have also been present at the press conference, along with the creator of the app, the director of the Scientific and Technological Park, Miquel Aran, and the lieutenant Mayor Rafael Peris.
The mayor congratulated Gemma Prenafeta for his initiative and stressed the importance of new ideas and proposals from young talents receiving the support of investors and administrations, in this case, the Paeria. He has also underlined the City Council's commitment to retain this talent and to generate new opportunities for Lleida. He recalled the recent start-up of the Invest in Lleida office to attract new investments in the city.
The creator of the app has highlighted that this application confirms that Lleida organizes many proposals and invites to share and activate participation in all this activity.
Share art, sports and culture of cities
The goal of Sharify is to export this live map model of the city around the world and do it by recovering what the word share means: share. But the idea is not to share tweets, posts and likes, but to share the art, sport and culture of the cities.
The application is now available in the App Store and Google Play. Gemma Prenafeta explained that this agenda has been running on a pilot basis in Barcelona and that it has received 1,000 daily views. Lleida is, however, the first city on the agenda is formally launched, with the will to extend this application to municipalities of all. "We want to create a benchmark, take Lleida as a reference for the connected city and be able to export this model to any city in the world," he said.
Apart from the agenda that opens in Lleida, the other branch of Sharify is social, which allows proposing and sharing activities and proposals among users. This one is already working all over the world.
Sharify's idea was born when Gemma Prenafeta went to work in London and realized that, despite having countless "cultural agendas", there was no way to respond instantly to the question "what happens here and now? "From there came the initiative to create a" Google Maps "live where you can know and share the acts of the city.
How does Sharify work?
Sharify discovers what is happening in the city through a live map. Allows you to share proposals in just three clicks -what, when and where- and communicate by chat with people who have joined the event.
The chat system used is integrated and does not require contact telephones.
The Sharify milestones
With less than a year to live, Sharify has more than 10,000 users on the platform and more than 1,000 daily activity views.
The project team has been awarded with the third prize of best Startup of Tourism of Barcelona by the CETT, finalist in the forum of Investment of Action 10, Netmentora 2018 and has been participated by ENISA Young Entrepreneurs 2019.
As a result of the pilot experience in Barcelona, ​​it has been proven that 85% of Sharify users are between 18 and 30 years old. Half are foreigners.
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