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Esteu aquí: Inici News The Lleida City Council launches the online appointment service for the most usual procedures of the OMAC and the OGAT

The Lleida City Council launches the online appointment service for the most usual procedures of the OMAC and the OGAT


It is necessary to request a prior appointment for 11 actions of the most demanded by the citizens, such as those related to the residents' register, the prior communication of works and the works license, among others. The goal is that citizens have preference in attention and reduce waiting time.

The Lleida City Council has launched the online appointment service for 11 of the procedures that must be done in person at the OMAC (Municipal Office of Citizen Services) and the OGAT (Office of Management of 'Tax Attention) and which collect more requests. "It is a matter of very frequent negotiations between the citizens and with this new system which is intended to improve the efficiency of the service, avoiding unnecessary waiting," explained Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Open Government, Democratic Quality and institutional, Jordina Freixanet.

The system for requesting an online appointment can be accessed from the website https://citaoficines.paeria.cat/ and from this month of July, you need to use the prior appointment system for the following:

  • OMAC Office
    • Registration for the Municipal Population Register
    • Registration to the Municipal Register of Inhabitants by birth
    • Change of domicile in the Municipal Population Register
    • Update of compulsory data for people over 14 (DNI, date of birth or level of studies)
    • Renewal of the inscription in the Municipal Population Register
    • Confirmation of registration in the Municipal Population Register
    • Apply flyers and certificates of registration
    • Works licenses
  • OGAT Office
    • Prior notice of works
    • Work license
    • Cadastral consultations of the municipality of Lleida
    • Cadastral information point

The online appointment system is simple and intuitive and allows the citizen to select the day and time in which he wants to make the management. The process is as follows:

1. Choose the corresponding Office (OMAC or OGAT)

2. Select the service

3. Enter date information

4. Select date and time of the appointment, taking into account that you can not get an appointment for the same day that the request is made. For each appointment requested, a single procedure can be made.

5. Fill out your personal information

a. The DNI / NIE field must be filled in with numbers and letters included. If it is a passport number, only numbers must be entered.

b. In the Observations field, in the case of sample management, the number of people that carry out the procedure must be specified. In the rest of the procedures, you must make a brief description of the procedure to be carried out.

6. Confirm the appointment. You can print the receipt or save it to the Outlook personal calendar.

You can request an appointment for any person, who needs to arrange the appointment in the name of the person who will go to the office, even if they do so on behalf of another. In this case, however, you must have the corresponding authorization.

The online appointment system complements the pre-phoned appointment system that was launched in September in a first phase of implementation at the OMAC for the management of the register. The previous appointment can be requested by phone at OMAC (973 67 80 60) and, in the case of OGAT, the online appointment is applied directly. Previous appointments can also be requested in person at the respective offices:

  • OMAC (Municipal Office of Citizen Services)
    Rambla de Ferran, 32, 25007
  • OGAT (Office of Management and Tax Assistance)
    Av. Blondel, 16 basses 25002 Lleida
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