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Esteu aquí: Inici News The City Council of Lleida presents two papers at the Digital Government Congress held in Barcelona

The City Council of Lleida presents two papers at the Digital Government Congress held in Barcelona


The deputy mayor and governor of open government and democratic and institutional quality, Jordina Freixanet, has highlighted the leading role of the Paeria in this area The City Council of Lleida offers an average of about 700 available on-line procedures, which is an approximate saving for the city of Lleida of € 410,000 per year

The City Council of Lleida will participate actively in the Digital Government Congress that will take place on September 17 and 18 in Barcelona and will bring together more than 1,400 participants. This is the Forum of reference debate in Catalonia in the field of digital administration and, in this edition, will focus on the projects and initiatives that seek a digital transformation of the dynamics, processes and forms of work of the public administrations.

La Paeria will be present at this congress with the presentation of two presentations that reflect the experience of the City Council of Lleida in the field of implantation of the technology to advance in a better governance and relation with the citizenship. Innovation plays a key role in public administration services, not only to respond to the new digital society, but also to change the public administration model.

The efficiency through innovation in Lleida City Council

The Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Open Government and Democratic and Institutional Quality, Jordina Freixanet has emphasized the importance of moving forward in an administration that hears and is increasingly closer to the needs of citizens and to achieve "the Digital innovation is, today, the indispensable tool for transformation ". In this regard, he emphasized the work that Paeria is doing in this regard and how the processes applied to the Lleida City Council can serve as an example for other administrations.

The Lleida City Council has an average of 700 online procedures available (it must be kept in mind that they vary, since some are temporary) and during 2019 an average of 2,066 monthly applications were administered electronically. An approximate calculation of the savings (cost of time, travel cost, work hours of the person performing the management ...) and conducting online transactions with regard to having done them face-to-face is carried out. saving for the city of Lleida that comes to be, at least, € 34,192 monthly, that is, more than 410,000 € per year.

The experience of the Lleida City Council

The first of the presentations will take place on September 17th, under the title "Practical cases of the implementation of the eCityCLic file manager". This paper will be given jointly with the City Council of Sitges. The "Model of municipal infrastructures" will focus on the second contribution of the work of the Paeria in matters of digital government. In this case, the session will be shared with the City Council of Viladecans and will be the change of paradigm in information systems of public administrations: trip from physical CPD to CPD to the cloud.

The program of the Digital Government Congress 2019, entitled "Connecting revolutionary experiences", is structured in 80 sessions, which will analyze different aspects of this field: digital governance, cultural change, digital confidence, infrastructures, Digital identity, advanced technologies and proactive public services.

Organized by the Congress, the Open Administration of Catalonia, the Generalitat de Catalunya and Localret, in collaboration with the Diputació de Girona, Diputació de Barcelona, ​​Diputació de Lleida, Diputació de Tarragona and Barcelona City Council.

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