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Pueyo: "Lleida is the second technology hub in Catalonia after Barcelona"


Mobile Week Lleida begins with the recognition of the students of the Tonucci School, semifinalists of the Technovation Girls program with an APP on the administration of medication for people living alone. Until May 7, there will be 54 activities related to knowledge and technology open to the public, especially to the family audience.

The Mayor of Lleida, Miquel Pueyo, presided over the inauguration of Lleida Mobile Week, the program of activities to disseminate technology and knowledge of ICT that is being developed in the city coordinated by the Paeria until May 7th. One of the aims of this Mobile is to promote the STEAM scientific vocations among young people and to deepen and experiment with the application of technology.

The set 1 of the Magical Media has been the scene of the official opening of the activities of the Mobile Week, that recovers the presence after a pandemic where “the technology has made possible that the personal relations and also the labor they have been able to maintain, and this has been possible thanks to scientific work: without computing, mathematics and engineering, the advances we enjoy today would not be possible ", the mayor of Lleida emphasized. The mayor emphasized that "Lleida is the second technological hub in Catalonia after the conurbation of Barcelona" and much of Lleida Mobile Week will be held at the Parc Científic, a space where many scientific vocations come together and occupies close to 2,000 people, many of them young. ”
The main protagonists of the inauguration of Mobile 2022 have been the girls members of the group Tonuccitechnos, Martina Solano, Eunís Torrabadella, Irene Rué and Maria Serra who, together with Jana Pardell, were world semifinalists in the Technovation Girls program. Four of the members of the team presented the APP Hey your pills! which they have designed to help people living alone not to forget to take their medication. The application allows you to generate alerts to relatives when the patient has not taken the prescribed medication.
Technovation Girls is a global initiative with the aim of increasing women’s participation in the field of technology, promoted by the Spiral Association, with the support of the Generalitat. It has the collaboration of the Polytechnic School of the University of Lleida (UdL), of the Agri-Food Science and Technology Park of Lleida, of companies linked to the technological world through the Association of Information Technology Companies of Lleida (AETI) and Lleida City Council.
In her speech, the Deputy Mayor Jordina Freixanet, expressed the firm commitment of Lleida City Council to the digital transformation and recalled the recent recognition of the Open Administration of Catalonia obtained by the Paeria.
Freixanet recalled the educational component of Mobile, thanked the involvement of schools, organizations and SMEs in the activities of Mobile with the aim of bringing technology to the maximum number of citizens with the focus on the public familiar.
Two round tables were held at the event: one on digital transformation projects with the participation of Jordina Freixanet and the managing director of Digital Policy, Joana Barbany, and a second conversation on Women and the ICT sector with Karina Gibert, director of UPC Artificial Intelligence Research Center, Magda Valls, Director of the UdL Polytechnic School, Bianca Padurean, Semic business analyst & project manager and one of the children in the Tonuccitenos team, world semifinalist 2021 by Technovation Girls.
The director of the UPC's artificial intelligence research center, Karina Gibert, was in charge of closing the day with a talk on the scope of artificial intelligence and its benefits in different areas: from people-to-people programs, to science, to sensor and research programs.
The director of the Science Park, Miquel Aran, and the director of smart connectivity for Mobile Week, Eduard Martin, also took part in the event.
During the event, recognition was also given to the women members of the Open Government department of Lleida City Council, technicians and professionals in the ICT sector.
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