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Lleida, pioneer around the state in allocating Smart City technologies to serve people


The Town Council launched a bracelet with QR code expands municipal telecare service anywhere with mobile coverage The new service, completely free, is now available to all users of telecare. In these moments 4,450 people already use municipal telecare, which is universal and free for all persons over 65 years

Lleida, starting today, pioneered around the state associating the concept of Smart City to serve people with the launch of a novel product that extends the municipal telephone helpline operates anywhere mobile phone. It is a bracelet using QR code technology, which provides users with an incident outside your home can be identified by any citizen who takes a Smartphone and put them in touch with family, or central helpline 112.

The bracelet identifies who is the person-name, age, photograph, etc.-and all information related to their health to be taken into account as allergies, medications, diseases, and so on. When a citizen approaches his Smartphone to the bracelet, it automatically generates a warning to the user who has decided to telecare, whether family or Telecare service 112. In addition, the bracelet locates the person contribute to a fast and accurate location if needed.

The mayor of Lleida, Angel Ros, and the Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Social Welfare of the Town Council, Montse Mínguez, presented the new service will be free. The paer chief highlighted that Lleida is characterized some time for their commitment to implement the concept of Smart City's social services. He also noted that the new bracelet complements the telecare service for municipal and completely mobile - telecare only works within the home - to be able to be used anywhere where there is mobile coverage.

"When people do not even consider telecare users, the bracelet gives you the security of being able to do any activity (travel, sports, etc.) with total peace of mind," said the Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Social Welfare Montse Mínguez. "The telecare service work at home because it is connected to the telephone exchange but now, with the new bracelet becomes a fully mobile service," concluded the head of social welfare.

Lleida has more than 4,450 users of telecare, universal and free service to all persons over 65 years of Lleida.

All those interested in the new service can address the various retirement homes in the city. A team of senior volunteers inform all concerned about how the new bracelet works.

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