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Lleida City Council is launching its Ethics and Good Governance Mailbox


It will admit denunciations and communications, including the anonymous ones, on any action or omission contrary to the principles of good governance or the legal system. It will be managed by the Office of the Ombudsman and will have its own regulations, which will be created soon. This will be one of the tools to collect possible complaints about the Theater Classroom, guaranteeing that you can do so anonymously.

Lleida City Council is launching its Ethics and Good Governance Mailbox, a secure electronic participation channel that will allow citizens and public servants to report or report any bad practice in the management of the City Council, including all actions or omissions contrary to the principles of good governance or the legal system.

The second deputy mayor and government spokeswoman, Jordina Freixanet, stressed that this initiative shows “the firm will of the Paeria to move towards a more transparent administration model that facilitates the citizens and the public servants themselves to be able to exercise control mechanisms in any area of administrative activity, thus also promoting citizen participation ”.

In the same vein, the Councilor for Transparency and the Fight against Corruption, Elena Ferre, remarked that “this is one of the key initiatives to make effective the commitment acquired with the residents of Lleida to open the windows of the Paeria and provide us with tools to effectively fight against any bad practice in the field of municipal administration ”.

The Paeria has signed an agreement with the Xnet platform, the non-profit organization that has created the Powered by Globaleaks tool that will use the Paeria Ethics Mailbox, and with Barcelona City Council, which has been a pioneer in implementing a service like this and that owns the rights to this software. Thanks to this agreement, these two entities provide information, their experience and this computer tool, which allows the anonymity of the complainant to be guaranteed at all times.

Freixanet explained that the signing of the agreement - which is also signed by Terrassa City Council, the Barcelona Metropolitan Area and the Generalitat de Catalunya Railways - was to take place at a public event in Barcelona last March, but it has finally been done digitally, due to the situation generated by the coronavirus pandemic. "Beyond the timely transfer of the tool, which we appreciate, we have also committed to the agreement to be part of this pioneering network of good governments, transparent, accessible and integrity, where public ethics must be above the role and must be a commitment of all the people who are part of the institution "and added that" we want to be pioneers in working to improve the functioning of the institutions together ".

In the telematic attention to present the new tool, the deputy mayor pointed out what can be seen in it, such as the use or abuse of public governments, conflicts of interest, bad practices, institutional treatment -Sometimes- improper, the lack of objectivity or neutrality in a matter and any action that can be considered contrary to ethical principles and good governance.

Mailbox operation

Councilor Ferre showed how the mailbox works, which can be found at the link paeria.cat/bustiaetica. Any citizen can connect from today to report and provide evidence of conduct or actions they deem irregular. The application guarantees confidentiality at all times and that the complainant can preserve his anonymity throughout the process, if he so wishes.

Ferre emphasized that this will be the tool that will be used for the time being to collect possible complaints that may be submitted in the context of the events known as a result of the publication of the newspaper Ara relating to the Aula de Teatre. "We urge all people who have suffered a situation of abuse to report it through this tool that we are launching and presenting today, guaranteeing the option of always being able to do so anonymously," he said.

Once the communication or complaint has been submitted, the interested party will receive an acknowledgment of receipt with a code that allows access to a confidential communication channel. In this way he will be able to follow up the case and maintain, if necessary, a dialogue and exchange of information anonymously with the instructor.

On behalf of the Paeria, once the complaint has been received, an impartial instructor will be appointed to carry out investigations and verify the facts and will maintain communication with the person promoting the complaint. The complainant will be answered within a reasonable time, which will not exceed 3 months.

The Ombudsman, guarantor of independence

The mailbox will be managed by the Office of the Ombudsman. This designation, which may be modified by regulation, has taken into account the role of the Sindicatura as a guarantor of the fundamental rights and public freedoms of the residents of Lleida and, especially, the fact that it carries out its work independently and objectivity. In addition, the regulations governing this figure require a large majority for his appointment, limit the causes for his cessation (it can only be by express resignation, incapacity occurred, death or conviction for willful misconduct).

In this way, it is guaranteed that the Municipal Administration will not be able to interfere in its actions and that it meets the requirements to channel this type of complaint and monitor it with full objectivity and neutrality.

With regard to the regulation of the Mailbox, the decree approving its implementation also urges the preparation of its regulatory rules. Provisionally, it shall be governed by the legislation in force on administrative procedure, by the applicable sectoral regulations and, in particular, by the provisions of Directive 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2019 on to the protection of persons who report infringements of Union law.

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