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Lleida City Council, in charge of municipal transparency and digital transformation


Council for the management of municipal resources, municipal finance and transparency policies

The City Council of Lleida has been recognized again this year with the Infoparticip seal of the UAB, which awards good practices in terms of transparency of local administrations. La Paeria thus revalidates its leadership in transparency in the management and in the quality of the information that is transferred to the citizens.

La Paeria has obtained 98'08% from the different indicators analyzed by this study carried out annually by the Autonomous University of Barcelona among all the municipalities of Catalonia. This year the municipalities have had to answer 52 indicators with which they evaluate the information that municipalities offer on their websites on different areas of municipal management, including the management of economic and collective resources (budgets, salaries, hiring and subsidies ), the information that is offered about the city, the tools of citizen participation, the data on the political representatives and in this edition a new indicator has been incorporated on the accountability of the government action.

On the other hand, this week it has also been announced that La Paeria has been recognized by the Open Administration Consortium of Catalonia for its level of implementation and use of electronic administration services. Lleida, in this fourth edition of the Recognitions Open Administration is the second in the category of municipalities of more than 50,000 inhabitants, headed by the City of Girona. These awards reward the work done by town councils and county councils in terms of digital transformation in their relations with citizens and internal management.


Objective of the Open Administration recognitions

The acknowledgments are granted based on objective indicators, the analysis of the websites of the entities and the use of certain services of the AOC Consortium. Its objective is to assess and recognize the implementation and use of electronic administration services and their consequent digital transformation.

The valuation is extracted from the analysis of the information of the municipal websites and the activity of the entities, which was carried out between December 2018 and January 2019, to collect the data of the 947 Catalan municipalities and the 42 county councils of Catalonia. The AOC Consortium analyzes web pages and checks that certain indicators are met.

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