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Esteu aquí: Inici News Lleida City Council celebrates the first full telematic route in history in the face of the Covid-19 crisis

Lleida City Council celebrates the first full telematic route in history in the face of the Covid-19 crisis


The plenary has approved today the economic measures to alleviate the effects of coronavirus on families and businesses with the extension of municipal tax collection deadlines and their interest-free fractionation The Green and Economic Plan has been given the green light to clean up the municipal accounts Mayor Miquel Pueyo calls on the support of all political groups to demand from the Generalitat, the State and the European Union the necessary support to overcome the economic crisis that will result in Covid-19


The City Council of Lleida has celebrated today the first telematic plenary session of history in application of the exceptional rule dictated since the declaration of the State of Alarm to prevent Covid-19 and in accordance with the third additional provision of the Decree Law 7/2020, of March 17, which allows the collegiate bodies of local entities in Catalonia to be able to constitute themselves, convene and hold sessions, adopt agreements and remit events remotely, in situations of force majeure or serious collective risk, catastrophe and public calamities.


The Mayor of Lleida, Miquel Pueyo, emphasized that today's extraordinary session was necessary to approve "measures that are absolutely necessary to address the social and economic situation in which the city of Lleida will be left after the pandemic has passed."


Mayor Pueyo has called on all municipal groups to support their joint efforts in front of the Generalitat, the State and the Government of Europe in order to count on the economic intervention necessary to tackle the Covid-19 crisis, more beyond the measures approved by the Lleida City Council today.


Pueyo said that the priority of the Paeria is to overcome the crisis of Covid-19 and to help save and protect the lives and basic needs of "our fellow citizens". In this sense, the mayor of Lleida thanked, on behalf of the city, all the professionals who are providing an essential service these days (health care, police bodies, social services, cemetery staff, canera, computer technicians). ...) as well as citizen organizations and initiatives that have emerged to support those who need it most, such as the solidarity network (of which 500 people are part), volunteers who will support health services or proposals from cultural groups, among others.


The Paer-in-Chief emphasized that today's plenary and the previous EMU general meeting dealt with "urgent issues" that could not be delayed, such as the refinancing of the Municipal Urban Planning Company , its financial sanitation plan and the liquidation of the Lleida City Council from the 2019 budget, which "has shown that the economic and financial situation is extremely difficult and delicate and requires a radical change of management over the last applied legislature. "


Economic measures to mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 impact


The plenary has given notice of the mayor's decree of modification of the fiscal calendar by which it has been approved that the period of voluntary collection of non-domiciled receipts of the IBI, the traffic tax, the collection rate of 'garbage, the closed premises waste rate and the public price for commercial waste collection and management are extended until July 20 (initially from March 2 to May 20). It also stipulates deferring the charge of receipts domiciled for the collection and management of commercial waste from April 1 to July 6 and the new dates of collection of the occupancy rate for public roads by tables and chairs, tents , candles and umbrellas and the rate for Rufea orchards will be from September 7 to November 20 (until now they were from May 4 to July 20).


The plenary has also approved the modification of the fiscal ordinance of occupation of the public thoroughfare and the modification that refers to the increase of values ​​of urban land, the capital gain.


Within the framework of measures to combat Covid-19, the modification of the general fiscal management, collection and inspection ordinance has been approved, which allows dividing the taxes up to 12 monthly payments and accumulating fractionation and deferral of different taxes, with 16 votes in favor (ERC, JuntsxCat Lleida, Comú de Lleida and PP) and 10 abstentions (PSC and C's).


The economic field has been the focus of much of today's extraordinary plenary session, and following the agenda, the file of credit modifications to the Paeria budget and the Lleida 2020 Tourism Board has been approved.


The plenary has reported on the approval of the budget settlement of the City Council 2019 and its OAAAs, as well as the report on the fulfillment of the budget stability objective in accordance with Organic Law 2 / 2012, of April 27, and information on the liquidation of the budget 2019 referred to in the Order HAP / 2015/2012, of October 1.


The dossier for the recognition of expense credits made in 2019 and before the Lleida City Council has been approved with 14 votes in favor of the governing body (ERC, JuntsxCat and ComúdeLleida), 7 against (PSC) and 5 abstentions (C's and PP).


The Paeria Economic and Financial Plan as well as the updating of the current economic plans has been approved with the 14 votes in favor of the ERC, JuntsxCat Lleida and Comú de Lleida groups and the 12 votes against the PSC, C's groups. and PP.


The reports, unanimously approved, reporting the submission of data to the Treasury of the execution status of the budget for the 4th quarter of 2019 and the budgets and financial statements for the financial year 2020, as well as the agenda item on Mercolleida's long-term credit operation and an addendum to the agreement with Edullesa.


In the matter of personnel, the plenary has given the green light to the designation to fill the position of Coordinator of Organization and Digital Policies of the Paeria (possible managerial staff), provided for in the Cartipàs. This item on the agenda has been approved with the votes in favor of the governing body (ERC, JuntsxCat Lleida and Comú de Lleida) and the votes against opposition groups: PSC, C's and PP .


Still within the scope of the informative commission for the Policies of Management of the Open Government, the Economy and the Participation, the plenary session of the City council has approved the Specification of clauses for the sale of a surplus municipal plot located on the street Ramon Soldevila no. 24-26 of Lleida and the Specification of the clauses of the contract of service of support, collaboration and technical assistance to the City council of Lleida in the field of tax inspection.


The last two points of the agenda, corresponding to the Committee on Urban Management and Mobility Policies, have received the unanimous support of the municipal groups: the approval of the disaffection of the public service of several containers of the municipal service of cleaning of roads and of collected of waste, and the initial approval of the Punctual Modification of the General Plan of urban planning of Lleida for the change of qualification of part of the island included between the streets Companyia and Gairoles, in the old quarter.


The EMU General Meeting approves the financial sanitation plan


The EMU General Meeting, also held today for the first time electronically before the extraordinary plenary session, has approved the Financial Sanitation Plan, the refinancing of debt and the annual accounts.


The President of the EMU, Sergi Talamonte, emphasized that in order to be able to face the day after the health crisis, the Municipal Urban Planning Company “is a strong tool to guarantee the right of housing and today it is necessary to work to clean the economic situation of the previous governments. " Talamonte explained that the approval of accounts reflects the faithful image of the accounting situation and is threaded to the goal of cleaning the company's accounts.


The approval of the Financial Sanitation Plan is a legal requirement to carry out the debt restructuring proposed by the management of the EMU, which will result in a global saving of 3.3 million euros compared to the previous debt situation. Deputy Mayor Sergi Talamonte emphasized that the restructuring approved today at € 42.4 million would "significantly ease the financial burden on the municipal company and reduce the interest rate from 3.5 to 1." , 03%, a total saving of more than 3 million euros in interest and facing the future of the EMU ”. The agreements reached today will allow for a restrictive sale of land and investment in housing policy.


In the panel discussion of the EMU, the spokesman for the PSC, Jaume Sellés, insisted that the roadmap they followed consisted of turning a minor, removable problem with sound financial management into a real problem for the citizenry. : "The accounting point we are defending was at least as legal and as valid as what they are proposing now."


For her part, Cs spokeswoman Ángeles Ribes has demanded the resignation of EMU President Sergi Talamonte and described the EMU decisions adopted today as "erratic and destructive management that responds to any less interest. to the general. "


Xavi Palau, a spokesman for the PP, said that they felt that today "was not the time to bring the debate to the full. We believe that the situation we must work on is the health crisis and social or economic considerations. Before talking about the EMU today was the time to discuss the economic situation of La Paeria when we get out of this crisis. "


The EMU's annual accounts have been approved with 14 votes in favor (ERC, JuntsxCat Lleida and Comú de Lleida), 3 against (Cs Lleida) and 9 abstentions (PSC and PP), the refinancing of the debt with Caixabanc has advanced with 14 votes against (ERC, JuntsxCat and Comú de Lleida), 3 against (C's Lleida) and 9 abstentions (PSC and PP), and the same sense of vote has remained at the point of agreement of the Financial Sanitation Plan of the Municipal Urban Planning Company 2020-2023.




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