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Esteu aquí: Inici News The Paeria launches workshops to train citizens in the use of digital tools to interact with the administration

The Paeria launches workshops to train citizens in the use of digital tools to interact with the administration


They are carried out in the Digital Support Points of the civic centers and deal with issues such as the management of administrative procedures, the use of the Virtual Tax Office, participation platforms or employment management, among others.

Lleida City Council is launching this June a program of digital training workshops to train citizens in the use of technological tools to interact with the administration.

These workshops, promoted jointly by the areas of Digital Services, Participation and the Municipal Institute of Employment, are part of the Digital Support Points project, which are already underway in five civic centers of the city, those of Balàfia , Mariola, l'Ereta, Secà de Sant Pere and Magraners, and as a complement to the accompaniment provided by the digital connectors. It will be these five spaces that will host these activities, organized on the basis of a training plan structured in eight independent modules of one and a half hours each, which will rotate through the different civic centers on a monthly basis, from now until the month of February (except August).

The workshops that have been scheduled are the following:

• Paeria procedures and the Citizen Folder. It will offer information on how to approach procedures such as previous appointments, registration or modification of registration in the Municipal Register of Inhabitants, registration certificates, etc.

• Virtual Tax Office. It will be about the fiscal calendar, the management of fees and taxes, the payment of fines, etc.

• Participation platforms, such as Decidim, the Appunta app, the Zone Councils, etc.

• Leisure and culture platforms, such as Entrápolis, the tourist office's cultural agenda, the Live Arts Season, etc.

• The operation of the platform of the Municipal Employment Institute (IMO) to be able to carry out tasks such as the creation of the CV, registration and consultation in the job guidance and insertion service, training programs, etc.

• Get the most out of your mobile phone: basic actions to use smartphones, manage memory, browse the internet, control applications, etc.

• Launch the website of the Employment Service of Catalonia (SOC), for procedures such as renewing the job seeker's card, consulting the CV, changing the administrative situation, etc.

• Servicio Público de Empleo Estal (SEPE) and obtaining the work life report, request for a prior appointment, pre-application for unemployment benefit, other benefits and procedures, free training courses in digital skills, etc.

To obtain more information about the digital workshops and to see the full schedule, you can consult this link, while those interested can register for the workshops at this other address.

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