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Esteu aquí: Inici News Jazztel will approach optical fiber to 66,760 homes in the city will generate about 310 jobs in Lleida with the proposed deployment of FTTH network

Jazztel will approach optical fiber to 66,760 homes in the city will generate about 310 jobs in Lleida with the proposed deployment of FTTH network


After completing all the hype operators, Lleida become one of the first cities in the world have cover fiber optic technology FTTH ( Fiber To The Home) 90% of households in the city

Jazztel joins to the Science Park of Lleida

The mayor of Lleida, Angel Ros, the Vice President for Planning, Innovation and Enterprise University of Lleida, Ferran Badia, and the manager territorial Jazztel Catalonia, José Manuel Sierra, today signed an agreement of collaboration that enable Lleida is one of the first cities in the world to have coverage FTTH fiber optic technology ( fiber to The Home) to over 90% of households in the city when there is the deployment of the various operators at the end of the year. Jazztel invest in Lleida 15.4 million for the deployment of optical fiber with the aim of reaching 66,740 homes, shops and businesses. This action will generate in Lleida, until the end of the year, about 310 jobs between direct jobs, indirect and induced. The aim of the agreement signed today between Jazztel and the Lleida City Council is to improve and provide users with a faster broadband Internet access.

FTTH technology is set to replace the current ADSL broadband will allow more power to users, which can reach a Gigabite. This technology will enable citizens to enjoy more advanced services than those currently available.

Blond angel, a very positive action Jazztel the city and for choosing the install to the PCB, "a place of innovation and technological attractiveness has become the first employment center of the city." In this sense, Jazztel gotten so attached to the PCB with 12 technicians. Regarding the deployment of optical fiber in the paer has no asssenyalat "This is a step that the city began under the different actions that make Smart Green City." "The deployment help from the telecommunications sector, the improvement of services to all citizens", concluded the Chief paer. Meanwhile, Ferran Badia explained that this action provides the most advanced technological infrastructure throughout the city, a fact that creates new opportunities in the field of Smart City and the scope of services to citizens, while generating new employment opportunities.

Finally, Jose Manuel Serra highlighted by the company's commitment to provide the best Lleida technological infrastructure to support telecommunications services that allow you to have much more access to high speed broadband users. The deployment will be made to minimize the impact to residents because it leverages existing infrastructure. "Lleida is ranked among the most advanced cities in the world in terms of network penetration FTTH ( Fiber To The Home), very good news that will generate new business opportunities for the youth and also for businesses" highlighted the responsibility Jazztel.

The buildings where installing fiber optics Jazztel residents will have direct access to the latest generation infrastructure at no cost to residents. The company has already initiated contacts with Property Administrators and neighboring communities in the areas of deployment request the necessary permission.

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