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Solid Experience

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Lleida City Council has a wide and very solid experience and reputation in the introduction of ICT, related with both the management system of the municipal corporation itself and its interactions with the rest of the city. In recent years, the City Council has taken an active lead in the development of e-Governance systems and the introductmber of different fronts:

  • Introducing and developing e-Government for managing internal administration and relations with local citizens.
  • Promoting the Lleida’s Parc Científic i Tecnológic Agroalimentari (Food Science and Technology Park).
  • Fostering the introduction of ICT in the city's business sector in order to make it more competitive.
  • Promoting and supporting innovation.
  • Promoting and supporting entrepreneurs.
  • Regarding ICT an instrument that should be placed at the service of society.
  • Promoting awareness of ICT amongst citizens.
  • Working to prevent “digital divide”.
  • Promoting and developing Telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Promoting new services based on ICT.
  • Working in tandem with the University of Lleida.
  • Forming working partnerships with the city's small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Establishing reliable benchmarks and indicators that can help with decision making.
  • Collaborating with the other administrations and government entities.
  • Networking with other Cities and Municipal Authorities.

Lleida - Time-line of an ICT City

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