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Esteu aquí: Inici News The Town Council and the Catalan Energy Institute set up the first public recharging point for electric vehicles in Lleida

The Town Council and the Catalan Energy Institute set up the first public recharging point for electric vehicles in Lleida


The new station is located in front of the Multipurpose Building Campus Cappont UdL street Jaume II It will work with an electric vehicle user card for residents of Lleida compatible with those of other municipalities The town council plans to install two semi-rapid charging points near commercial areas, a fact that will combine commercial activity and services in Lleida load time With this point ICAEN continues its strategy of deploying a network of charging stations that provide electric vehicles in circulation throughout the country

Lleida City Council and the Catalan Energy Institute (ICAEN) today inaugurated the first public quick charging point for electric vehicles, located on the street Jaume II in front of the Multipurpose Building Campus Cappont University Lleida. The new charging station allows simultaneous charging of two electric vehicles at a time between 15 and 20 minutes depending on the battery type and vehicle, a fact that will be useful for urban vehicles, but also for circulating traveling long distance. In addition, the station is typically multifunctional, ie allows recharging of all types of electric vehicles in the market. The event was attended by the deputy mayor of Lleida, Félix Larrosa, and the director of the Catalan Energy Institute, Assumpta Farran.

Félix Larrosa pointed out that the installation of the charging point for electric vehicles is part of the policy of the Town Council to promote sustainable mobility. "The installation of several charging points for electric vehicles is part of the policy to promote sustainable mobility promoted by the Town Council governing team during this mandate and commitment to a greener and the Lleida reducing C02 emissions in the city. "

The director of the Catalan Energy Institute, Assumpta Farran, said that the electric vehicle is a "new cultural paradigm and we definitely became one of the main pillars of the energy transition and a new model of sustainable economic growth." Farran said that the great challenge to encourage electric mobility "pass through charging points linked to a vehicle, thanks to energy storage technology will revolutionize the way energy consumed in homes". However, she highlighted the importance of the charging point Lleida because "you also need a network of fast charging stations distributed by Catalonia to facilitate the long journeys." "To get to Lleida from Terres de l'Ebre need points near Amposta, Serós, Tarragona, Reus, Montblanc and Borges White. To get to Lleida from Barcelona, are strategic points near Martorell, Tarrega and Cervera. Talking about 10-15 points at most", she exemplified.

The charging station will operate with a user card electric vehicle for residents of Lleida that is compatible with the charging systems that are in other Catalan towns, which provide intercity electric mobility. The charging station is activated showing to the device a identity card vehicle electrical. The user chooses the type of connector according to his vehicle and plug. Once the station and the vehicle have mutually recognized, the device will begin supplying electricity and displays on screen the state of charge. During charging connectors remain blocked and can not be removed until the user returns to swipe the card to stop it.

The owners of electric vehicles can achieve Lleida free card by charging a procedure on-line in the city of Lleida, where they attach technical details of the vehicle and the receipt of tax paid circulation of Lleida. The card is compatible with most public charging stations in Catalonia, and therefore also provides service to users of electric vehicles from other municipalities. Also, the charging point is compatible with recharge cards offered by other municipalities.

Installation of the charging station has been made for an amount of 41,427.80 euros plus VAT. Note that the Catalan Energy Institute under the Strategic Plan for the deployment of charging infrastructure, PIRVEC, the Town Council has awarded a grant of 25,000 euros for the installation of the charging point. In addition, the council of Lleida has requested another $ 15,000 grant to Movea.

The town council also plans to install several charging more types of semi-fast and slow, allowing the load of the vehicle between one and three hours. The semi-fast charging stations will be placed in streets close to central commercial areas, a fact that will combine commercial activity and services load time. The slow charging point is intended mainly for motorcycles and electric bicycles as well mainly be located in a central area of the city.

Other measures to promote electric vehicles are already effective in Lleida bonus of 75% of the Motor Vehicle Tax and the free parking in blue zone for electric vehicles registered in the municipality. The main attractions of the electric vehicle, in addition to low-cost recharging are a level of almost zero pollution and noise and the possibility of being charged with renewable energy sources to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. In addition, the offer increasingly affordable and higher performance models on the market, as well as greater availability of fast charging the territory, make it increasingly viable option.

Finally, note that the Town Council is carrying out various activities to promote electric vehicles. In this sense, is working in coordination with the LIVE platform, to draw up promotion of electric vehicles in the city including the actions of infrastructure, but also the promotion of electric vehicles among the different operators, including those are logistics companies, distribution of goods and public transport as a priority objective.

The launch of this charging point is also tied PIRVEC strategy, led by the Catalan Energy Institute, to develop a network of charging stations to facilitate the movement of electric vehicles throughout the country, and that September will be strengthened with the launch of 11 fast charging points in strategic areas for quick and easy access from several major roads and large towns in Catalonia. Also, as the Government implements other measures to promote electric mobility and incentives as the free highways of ownership, agreements with associations of installers training, advisory programs for property managers and developers building and construction, and is conversations with road concessionaires and owners of chains of malls near roads to achieve the target of 100 recharging points fast.

These actions already underway must be added the progressive implementation of the Action Plan for the deployment of infrastructure for electric vehicles in Catalonia (PIRVEC), approved last June. The aim is to encourage electric mobility by eliminating the various barriers that hinder technical and administrative viability of electric mobility in Catalonia.

Under the PIRVEC, in September enabled a line of grants for the installation of charging, whether linked to community parks, charging fast and semi-fast charging. In this respect, the Plan will mark a milestone as the installation of 21,000 new charging points linked 360 charging stations fast and semi-fast charging 81.

The event was also attended by the Councillor of the City of Lleida Josep Maria Baiget.

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