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The Participatory Budget 2ns receive 50% more voters than last year


More than 3,000 of Lleida Lleida and have chosen mostly from among 128 projects electronically Building a deck light outside school Malpart city project is voted, while the bike lane to access the area Institutes supported largest projects among all district Deputy Mayor Juan Gomez is confident that the 17 projects selected in this query can be executed in the course of this exercise Councilor Angeles Ribes says the project Participatory Budget will continue because they are fully consolidated

The 2ns Participatory Budget of the City of Lleida received 50% more voters than last year, as stated by the Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Citizen Participation, Juan Gomez, at the end of the counting of the electoral process which was chaired by the municipal secretary and held this morning at the Hall of the Altarpiece of the town Council, faced with a number of representatives of neighborhood organizations.

In total, 3,023 have been Lleida and Lleida who were chosen from among 128 proposals (43 city projects, between 50,000 and 200,000 euros budget, and 83 neighborhood projects, less than 50,000 euros). This represents 2.65% of the census, which were all included over 16 years.

Deputy Mayor Joan Gómez delight at the increasing participation of almost 50%, which was mostly recorded in electronic voting, which has doubled compared to last year, although it is 'have increased the number of tables to cast the ballot for presence.

Gomez was positive this increase relates almost a thousand people and activity that the various organizations and neighborhood associations have made when promoting projects. "Who is involved in the end had a better result," he said, when he announced that the proposal to build a light roof outside school Malpart city project was the winner of the process.

The municipal manager of Citizen Participation, which was accompanied by the Councilor Angeles Ribes during the assessment process, said the level of environmental awareness and eco-citizenship, since the proposed district worth had been construction of bike lanes to access the area of the Institutes, while other similar proposals had also received majority support in other areas and regional councils. Tall voice J. Gómez

On the other hand, Juan Gomez also said that from now on, the winning proposals of participatory budgeting initiate administrative processing ordinary is lawful and running. In this regard, said that the desire is that 17 projects have been chosen in this process (the city, 14 district and regional council or Juice and grapes) can run this year, why was ahead of schedule the whole process. He added that if the departure of a million euros earmarked for these projects is exhausted, it can always fit some other, exhausted by the designated budget.

A consolidated project

Councilor Angeles Ribes took the floor after the deputy mayor, as its municipal group was the driving force behind this participatory project in the city of Lleida, through a motion of the Budget 2017, which the government team "was welcomed with enthusiasm. I can see now, a year later, the Participatory Budget go ahead as it is consolidating year after year. "

Banks collected the words of Juan Gómez on the advance calendar of the participatory process, to be able to host this year the work has now chosen citizens, since they had heard complaints about the delay in its implementation. "This has also served to Lleida and the Lleida understand the complexity involved in an administrative process to run projects, which have to go through slow and cumbersome procedures," said Ribes.

The event scrutiny 2ns Participatory Budgeting councilors attended Gispert Marta and Jose Maria Cordoba, as well as presidents of neighborhood associations and games, at the head of which was the president of the FAVLL Toni Baron.

You can see the result of the vote on the projects at this link

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