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Lleida City Council and paer chief Angel Ros, the leading social network in Spain


The town council, town hall third best in social networks and Angel Ros, fifth mayor. An independent consultant communication ACH Cambre evaluates the management of social networks 50 mayors and provincial capitals.

The town council of Lleida is the third consistory of all the state with a higher rate of penetration of social networks as an independent study has drawn media consultant ACH Cambre, which has assessed the management of social networks by 50 mayors municipalities and provincial capitals.

The paer chief, Angel Ros, is placed in the 'top ten' mayors with a higher ratio than in his case stands at 13 per cent. The mayor of Lleida is number five classification led José María González (Cádiz), with 64.1%, followed by Ada Colau (Barcelona) with 42%, Carlos Martínez (Soria) with a 20'1% and Manuela Carmena (Mardrid) with 17%.

Regarding the ratio of the city of Lleida, stood at 123% second only to Barcelona (183%) and Girona (139%). Then the town council are, in order, the municipalities of Santander, Segovia, La Coruna, Avila, Tarragona, Toledo and San Sebastian.

According to the study, the city councils of Lleida, Girona and Barcelona are the only ones with a ratio of penetration in social networks than 100 per cent, that is, the sum of all your followers on social networks than their population.

The town council and Angel Ros, "good brand management" in social networks

The study points out that councils of Lleida, Barcelona, ​​La Coruña and Oviedo as well as the respective mayors "are among the top ten in the penetration undoubtedly four good examples of brand management social networking. "

"Municipalities, mayors and Social Networks: An unfinished", analyzes the profiles of local councils and mayors of the 50 provincial capitals in Spain, Ceuta and Melilla. The work has made a multidisciplinary team of professionals in the areas of media, digital and institutional relations.

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