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Delivery of the Prizes of the Telematic Letters to the Magi in the Sessions Hall


The Mayor stressed that this competition was a pioneer in the use of new technologies since its creation in 1989 and allows us to see the evolution that technology has had since then

The Sessions Hall of the Paeria hosted this afternoon the awards ceremony of the Telematic Letters competition for the Magi, which since 1989 has organized the Lleida City Council. The mayor of Lleida, Àngel Ros, accompanied by the Deputy Mayor and Councilor for the Management of Municipal Resources, the Municipal Treasury and the Transparency Policies, Montse Mínguez, presided over the act in which the prizes for the 3 winners, 10 awards and a score of diplomas in the educational centers participating in the competition.

The peacemaker has highlighted the great participation that has taken place, with 839 letters, in this pioneering competition in the use of new technologies. "It is worthwhile that we all value the things that are done in the city. The competition started in 1989, when there was no internet, but we already made telematic letters with a system called Ibertex. we made with the Internet, in 2001 we did with SMS, in 2012 they can be done with smartphones and in 2015 the WhatsApp is incorporated. When you look at the sequence of the telematic letters is the history of technology in our country ", has said the mayor.

The winners of the competition, which received three savings books with 200 euros, are Abril Agustí, Mariona Pujades and Alana Navarro. There were also 10 vouchers of computer science material valued at 60 euros to the guests Antonyous Nageh, Joana Planella, Paula Blázquez, Yasser Haouari, Mireia Arroyos, Aleix Gertrúdix, Marc Masot, Laura Trepat, delegates and delegates from the Països Catalans school and Josep Argilés.

The centers participating in this initiative have received a diploma. This year, the schools El Carme School, Magraners Day Center, Sagrada Família School, Sant Jaume School, Antoni Bergós School, Alfés School, Els Planells School, Enric Farreny School, Joan Maragall School , Joan XXIII School, Josep Mañé School, Escola Països Catalans, Practical School 1, Sant Josep School in Calassanç, Santa Maria de Gardeny School, Frederic Godàs School, La Mitjana School, Estonnac School, Riu Segre School and Vilanova de Segrià School .

The head of the Ibercaja area, Rómulo Llaveria, and the representative of SEMIC, Àlvar Perera, participated in the delivery, attended by the president of the Association of Journalists in Lleida, Rafa Gimena, the councilors Paco Cerdà, Núria Marín, Daniel Rubio and Dolors López, as well as teachers and family members of the participating children. Ibercaja and Semic and SVT are sponsors of the competition. The jury is formed by members of the Demarcation of Lleida of the Association of Journalists of Catalonia, who collaborates with the initiative. The jury values ​​solidarity, sympathy, ingenuity and good humor.

In this edition, a total of 839 letters were received from 20 educational centers in the city - four schools more than 2016-2017 - and almost thirty other letters have been received by WhatsApp. The Paeria telematic card competition is a leading initiative in the national sphere from a participatory and the oldest point of view (since 1989).

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