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Esteu aquí: Inici "Lleida Enamorat" is the tourist campaign of the ciutat that apel·la a les vivències i els sentiments

"Lleida Enamorat" is the tourist campaign of the ciutat that apel·la a les vivències i els sentiments


El paer en cap, Àngel Ros, has presented the campaign, entirely lleidatana, which is structured in five blocks associated with five vivid verbs: festivals and popular culture - enjoy, heritage - esteem, gastronomy and leisure - taste, shopping and leisure - finds, and sport and healthy living - breathe. Starting today its dissemination begins through the new website, social networks and the media.

Lleida launches the new campaign for the promotion of the city "Lleidanamorat, which has presented the chapter, Angel Ros, accompanied by the Mayor Rafael Peris i Montse Parra, responsible for the tourism and cultural areas of the country. The mayor explained that the campaign has a design on the basis of the tourism that is intended to capture the potential of the city. Turn to the voltant d'aquest concepte of nova creació "Lleidanamora't", that appeals to them emotions. D'aquesta forms the ciutat of 'Lleida' s'associa to the concepte d'amor, d'enamorar-se. He promoted it at that time, which is to fall in love with-it is an emotional state molt typical of spring.


The campaign, as explained by Ros, is structured in zinc eixos temàtics, which are now associated to zinc verbs experiential and determinats productes:


-Fests and popular culture, which is linked to l'acció "Gaudim" i with the Festa Major, the Fira de Titelles, the Festa de Moros i Cristians and l'Aplec del Caragol.


-the patrimoni, that ho fa a "esteem", amb monuments i espais emblematics of the ciutat with the Seu Vella, the Castell dels Templers, the Center d'Art La Panera and the Art Museum Jaume Morera, etc.


-the gastronomy, that s'enllaça to "assaboreix" i to the seva cuina, the products of the terra i l'Horta de Lleida.


-told them i l'oci, that s'uneixen to "troba", that is trasllada to zones with l'Eix Comercial, the High Zone and the botigues dels barris.


-l'esport i the healthy life, that s'uneix to "breathe", amb paisatges i localitzacions naturals and green comsón the riu Segre, the Parc de la Mitjana, els Camps Elisis or l'Horta de Lleida.


In the presentation of "Lleidanamora't", the mayor remarka that is tracta d'un campanya 100% lleidatana. Most of the actors are students of the Municipal Aula de Teatre; les imatges son the work of photographer Elena Vallés; the producer of l'espot és Pirita, which is formed by two designers and photographers established in Lleida, and the creator and photographer of the website is Jesús Reinos, coworker of the new Casa de la Fusta.


The diffusion that is farà is designed for different mitjans i suports. Així s'ha fet a spot with a duration of 30 segons per a la seva emissió to televisions i xarxes socials. It is announced in premsa i falques de ràdio (zinc different, with a duration between 20 and 30 seconds). Hi haurà oppis instal·lats in the marquesín publicitàries of the ciutat i s'ha creat a specific web page, which displays the different eixos and shows the ciutat in 360º: www.lleidanamorat.cat.


The campaign is set in marxa avui mateix i tindrà special broadcast to the maig, the month mest festiu i fester to the city of Lleida.

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